Monday, 6 July 2009

A Gift for Tel

Copyright Marie Auriau
Cream 28 ct linen
2 over 2
I love the fact that my bloke is a stitcher. And he happened to comment one day that I made things for other people and for exchanges but had never sewn anything for him. He was right - so to put that in order here is the little needlebook I made for him.

The design is a freebie from Ravenelle and I think its a wonderful pattern. I have omitted the flower border from the bottom.

I've not been making these smalls for very long and every finish is a bit of an experiment and on this ocassion I have added pockets front and back. The front pocket is to tuck the blades of his scissors into. I have added some tapestry needles on the felt and the pocket at the back holds a little pack of sharps for any running repairs he needs to make while out in the desert.
So my babe, this is for you, with love xxxx

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