Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Exchanges Received

Wow what a lucky girl I am.... two exchanges received today. Firstly from Rachael on Exchange Heaven.....

Its a scissor keep - the scissors held on the central ribbon, with places either side for pins and needles - which Rachael kindly included. Beautifully stitched over a single thread it is having pride of place in my work box. Thank you Rachael!

And this lot is from Ann (izzieann) on the crafty natter birthday exchange. My fingers are just itching to get playing with this scrummy set but I must must must finish my exchange piece first. Thank you very much Ann

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Welcome Home!

Terry the best Daddy in the world, with J

Terry's first rotation has almost finished and after nine long weeks without him, I am looking forward to welcoming him home tomorrow. Then I have almost three weeks with him, so I may not be in blogland very much for a while.

And here is a bit of backstitch appearing on the Bothy threads sewing sampler.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Huge CONGRATULATIONS to my darling Tel on your promotion and rise! I always knew you were fantastic at your job and its great that you are finally with a company that can see that too. I've been and bought you a nice bottle of champers and it's cooling in the fridge ready for you to enjoy on monday. I love you babe xxx

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Progress Report

This Is the Bothy Threads sewing sampler which Tel sent as a pressie a few weeks ago. Its lovely to do as all the colours are so bright, but its a bit vague in some places until I manage to get some backstitch done.
My Waxing Moon design hasn't been worked on this week.
And look who has had a haircut?!? Poor Monty was really suffering in that hot weather so I sent him for a clip. Doesn't he look posh?

Lots of love to Tel. Only 8 days til my knight in shining armour returns from the desert. Can't wait!