Sunday, 7 June 2009

Progress Report

This Is the Bothy Threads sewing sampler which Tel sent as a pressie a few weeks ago. Its lovely to do as all the colours are so bright, but its a bit vague in some places until I manage to get some backstitch done.
My Waxing Moon design hasn't been worked on this week.
And look who has had a haircut?!? Poor Monty was really suffering in that hot weather so I sent him for a clip. Doesn't he look posh?

Lots of love to Tel. Only 8 days til my knight in shining armour returns from the desert. Can't wait!


  1. looking fab as always looking forward to seeing them all babe.

    Poor Monty he looks all wet.

    Just wanted to say I love you very much and looking forward to getting home to see you and my monkey.

  2. The sewing sampler is looking good, it's exciting seeing all the pieces coming together