Saturday, 16 May 2009

Update for Terry

This is Terry's sewing tonight. How he finds time to do any with all his work and keeping me company on the video link I don't know. He's run out of one colour so I'm going to try to send some cotton out to the middle of the Sahara.
And we are now more than half way through this current work rotation and I have only 30 days til I can see my babe again.


  1. lovely stitching. Is monty a cocker spaniel and what colour is he?

  2. Hes lovely. if you have any more photos of him, i would love to see them. why is your partner away from home? im really impressed that he stitches. my cockers are Toby - orange roan, Blue - blue roan and Fudge - chocolate and white. my email address is

  3. He is sure doing great progress.

    How long is he away?

  4. Thanks for stopping by to say hello :)

    I tried leaving a comment a few days ago but I was having issues from my end.

    Terry's car is looking great. Hope all is well with him.