Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Exchange Fob Received

A big thank you to Lorna who sent me this lovely scissor fob as part of our fob exchange on exchange heaven. Its such a sweet little fob that will hopefully stop my scissors disappearing down the side of my chair. I'm delighted with it.

And for my fellow spaniel lovers here is a pic of Mont enjoying the sun yesterday


  1. ooooooooh what lovely colours he is.

  2. Cute scissor fob and great picture of your dog.

  3. I haven't lost mine once since I've used my fob, great exchange

  4. Hi Lula,

    When I don't want to do the dreaded ironing I blog!! Loved reading all about you and your little man (J) and big man(Tel) Looking forward to seeing lots of progress on your Stitchalong, its looking good already..and loved your finished stitching.
    Enjoy your week and hope you can fit in some stitching, and enjoy that little fella, they grow up too quick!
    Chris x