Saturday, 23 May 2009


Hello All

Here are the two things I've been working on this week along with an exchange piece I can't show you yet.

And just for his Daddy here is a pic of J off to the school teddy bears picnic

It was school sports day yesterday and J did really well. In fact he would have won lots had he not stopped to wave at mummy! And poor Mummy herslef was forced to make a fool of herself in the parent race. Thank goodness I have no pics of that.


  1. j looking ready for soprts day babe wish i was home to see you in parents race but never mind i will take these silly jobs

    i see your sewing looking great babe can't wait to see it babe you are doing just great babe well done keep up all the hard work i love you Xxxxx

  2. Both progress are coming along great.

    Well done to J! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  3. These pieces look are looking very interesting. Look forward to keeping up with the progress. Hope you have a great weekend

  4. Hi Lula just stopping by well done on your work and i just love the photo what a perfect smile such a sweetheart. Enjoy your week huni. Big Hugs Tara xx