Sunday, 19 April 2009

WIP & Missing Tel

I feel a bit guilty today because its Sunday and I didn't go to church. J has been such a handful all wee I just couldn't face him misbehaving in front of everyone there so instead of praying I went to the local soft play and did some sewing.

Now J is 4 1/2 sort play is great. He just runs off and plays, returning from time to time to ask for drinks, crisps and anything else he's spotted someone else having and thinks he ought to have too. In between these visits I am free to relax and sew. We arrived early so I was able to nab a sofa, curl up and stitch away.

My current project is an anchor sampler. My dear friend Anne gave me some money for my birthday (way back in March) with instructions to buy something for cross stitch and this is what I chose. This is how it looks after about 6 hours work.
Its a whole 7 days since Terry left on his latest work trip. Seems like forever and I've still got so long to go. So babe this is a message for you.... I miss you and I love you more than ever. Tel has now left Dubai and is on the site in Algeria right in the middle of the Sahara Desert. And he's taken some cross stitch with him so I hope to be posting a pic of his work in a few weeks.

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