Saturday, 18 April 2009

Finally some stitching

Ah at last. I let J did holes in the garden and while he was busy I did a little bit of cross stitch. I didn't dare do anything big as he could burst in at any moment with dirty hands or worms etc so I did this tiny Mouseloft kit that J himself had bought me for Christmas.

And here is a pic of yours truely with that crazy spaniel


  1. What an adorable little finish!!! Great pic!

  2. That is a cute finish!

    I love the picture of the Spaniel...I have such a weakness for them:)

  3. Cute finish!

    Great picture of you and your dog. thhanks for sharing.

  4. Cute little finish! Muddy paw prints would be a bit of a downer wouldn't they! Lovely photo of you and your pooch :)

  5. I Love the pic Babe thank you for your word.

    just wanted to say I love you very much


  6. i'm very proud of you for letting me go off and work away and looking after our monkey you have come so far in the last year..