Sunday, 26 April 2009

Magic Multiplying Money

I have taken on a challenge. The church I attend (St Georges Norton) has a regular shortfall each year in its budget and we need to raise about £8000. There are all sorts of things going on to try to make up the loss and one is the challenge of the talents. Do you remember the parable of the talents? A rich man entrusts his servants with money while he goes away. The first two invest it so when their master returns they have a profit to show him but the last servant buries the money in the ground so all he has is the original amount. Well thats what the plan is.... to give people £20 of the churches money and to see if anyone can turn it into a profit.

I'm obviously thinking along craft lines and making something to sell. I have til Sept 26. But how am I going to get enough made to make a decent return? Any ideas gratefully received.

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