Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I was hoping to have a finish to show you by today but my current project is taking a little longer than expected. Anyway here is a sneaky peak....

Its a Lizzie*kate design from Christmas 2009 called I'll get my elves on that. I love Lizzie*kate; they are always so much fun. This design uses a thread called wisper which is used 1 ply and had fluffy fibres all along it to give a fluffy and slightly 3d appearance.

I love the finished effect of wisper but threading the needle is a nightmare. I have never had a problem threading the needle before but I think I'm going to have to go out and buy a needle threader to cope with this. (and don't worry Tel, we are talking about a purchase of about 50p!!!)

There is something about september with the children going back to school and so on that makes me feel I can face a bit of Christmas stitching. The season is really changing here with leaves on the pavements and the evenings smell of smoke from all the fires.

I'm also working on 4 little gifts for Tel to take back to work for the wives of his mates. I have done the stitching for one needlebook so far but its not finished yet. If anyone knows of any small 'UK' charts I'd love to know. I'd like to stitch little UK image gifts with things like the tower of london etc.

I'm feeling a bit down at the moment. I'm very grateful for my sewing and being able to lose myself in what I'm doing. And of course I am always boosted by hearing from you so please leave a comment.

Lucy x


  1. I love your Lizzie*Kate design! It's really cute. Using a needle threader is the way to go with Whisper thread!

  2. I just became a reader of your lovely blog!
    I am a mother of two teenager,
    I have been married for 16 yeRS
    (a girl 14 years and my son is 13)
    I am a christian and a sundayschool teacher :)
    Your stitchings are all great.
    I live in Finland ,so excuse my funny english and bad grammar...

  3. That L*K piece is adorable!! I love her design as well, very whimsical!!

  4. Your LK wip's is looking great.

  5. Hi! I just read a comment you left on Katrina's (A Kiwi Stitching) blog and when I saw the photo of your spaniel I just had to get in touch :o) Is she a springer? We have a 3 year old springer and she is the best - gotta love spaniels! Sorry to see that you lost 'Monty' in June :o(

  6. Hi Lucy..wandered over from the LK blog. Love your stitching and I love LK too. Can't wait to see more.

  7. Hi Lucy - came over from the L*K blog. Lovely progress on your L*K can't wait to see more.