Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Back in Blogland


Crikey its three months since I posted!! I am still alive, sometimes well and still sewing although not as often as I would like.

Terry has completed another rotation and is now 2 days into his next stint at work. I had him at home with me for a whole month and the house seems empty without him. We were blessed with gorgeous weather and spent time walking with Monty and driving round the hills of North Wales. J loved having Daddy home of course and the two of them tackled soft play, swimming, endless bike riding and goodness knows what else.

The really big news is we have found a house we want to buy. We have put in an offer, had it accepted, done the survey and are now waiting for the legal bits to all be sorted so we can exchange contracts. I have a pic ready to share with you as soon as its all sealed!! Watch this space.

Well I feel ready to get back into blogging so I hope you are prepared to see a bit more of me from now on.

Lu xxx


  1. Hey
    Welcome back to blog land!! Great news about your house hope it all goes through without a hitch and you'll be there in time to plant the garden for the summer!
    Happy Stitching
    Chris x

  2. Well hello there. Nice to see you back :) Best of luck with the house buying and move.

  3. Good to see you posting again. Good Luck with the house buying & moving - hope all goes well & you're soon settled in. :0)

  4. Welcome back. I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of your new home.

  5. Welcome back - I have missed you but the news about your house is great.

  6. Great to see you back. Best of luck to everything with the new house.

  7. Good luck with the house stuff! It's good to see you posting again.

  8. Good luck with the house buying! Looking forward to seeing a pic of it.