Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Hello My friends

I thought I would share with you some pictures of where I live.....

This is Llandudno....

Image no 1 is the promenade in the snow, No 2 is the bay from the Great Orme and No 3 is the West Shore from Marine Drive (Great Orme).
Llandudno is on the North coast of Wales and the town is found between two headlands - the Great Orme and the Little Orme. The town grew mainly as a Victorian tourist resort and many of the buildings are Victorian although there is a bronze age mine on the Great Orme.
The name Llandudno is a Welsh name Meaning Church (Llan) of St Tudno. It is pronounced with the welsh double ll which doesn't easily translate into an English sound but is somewhere between L and Cl.
Most of the attractions here are summer based for the tourists and tend to be traditional such as a Punch and Judy show and cable car rides, but there are more odern additions which J really enjoys like the Ski slope and the Taboggan run.
All in all, I love it here and I hope you have enjoyed having a peek into where I live - I challenge you to do the same.


  1. I can remember being taken to LLandudno one winter with my family as my step-dad wanted to fish. Not an ideal occupation for a 13 year old girl. It was wet, cold and miserable and everything was shut..even the cafe in a train (hope that makes sense). It is nice to see it as it should be. Pretty as a picture: amazing how getting a it older makes you appreciate things a bit more!

  2. I dont think that you would want to see any photos of Barnsley................ rofl

  3. Great views of your place, Lula. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It is a beautiful place!!!!!

  5. We were in Wales this summer and had a great time. Llandudno looks gorgeous.

  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures -i was in Towan, along the coast from you, in the summer visiting friends. It was my first time in North Wales - it's a lovely part of the country.

    I will take up your challenge and post some piccies of where i live

  7. Beautiful! Far more picturesque than here..... guess I could always post a pic of the steelworks skyline! LOL :0)

  8. Yeah it is a beautiful place and I wish I were there a lot better that where i am now in the Sahara desert it is bleak but hot